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Transformative Conscious Leadership Training for Leaders and Teams with Sue Heilbronner

Upcoming Leadership Camps:

January 24 - 25, 2020

"Across our portfolio, companies are recognizing the importance of conscious leadership as a critical skill in developing their organizations.” -- Seth Levine, Foundry Group

Leadership Camp is a philosophy and toolkit that accelerates self-awareness and growth. We ground this practice in the context of work, whether that is with startups, government, non-profits, education, a professional transition, or more.

What is MergeLane?

MergeLane is a venture fund that invests in high-potential startups and venture capital funds with at least one female leader. MergeLane and MergeLane portfolio companies run on Conscious Leadership. We’ve written about the impact of this work in MergeLane runs on Conscious Leadership.

What is Leadership Camp?

MergeLane launched Leadership.Camp to introduce core concepts and applications of Conscious Leadership to leaders, teams, and entire organizations. 

Leadership Camp is a concentrated, intensive, transformative leadership development program designed to accelerate participants’ growth as aware and empowered leaders and teams. 

Leadership Camp's three-day leadership development programs, half-day immersive Mini-Camps, and CEO coaching will kickstart an immediate increase in self-awareness, engagement, communication, alignment, and innovation. 

One of our recent attendees described camp this way: 

“Camp is a unique opportunity to dig deep into yourself in a supportive and safe environment. Gaining this understanding paired with conscious leadership concepts allows you to create new possibilities in your personal and professional life, through clearer communication, context, and vision.”

To find upcoming Leadership Camps by MergeLane, sign up here.

Why Does MergeLane Run Leadership Camp?

We have learned that Leadership Camp kickstarts an immediate increase in authenticity, and we believe there is a massive ROI on authenticity. Leadership is formed through relationships, whether that’s with your boss, employees, investors, kids, or spouse, we help leaders:

  • Spot their personality patterns and blind spots
  • Engender a culture of curiosity and innovation
  • Develop a culture of candor that supports functional conversations and enduring relationships
  • Build skills and tools for embracing and working through conflict
  • Create increased permission to be who they are in their leadership and in their lives. Read more about our philosophy on Authenticity.

Who Would Benefit from Leadership Camp?

Leadership Camp is designed for leaders, founders, and executive teams interested in raising their self-awareness, effectiveness, and upside potential in their careers.

Leadership Camp is perfect for:

  • Entrepreneurs + Founders (Co-founders may particularly enjoy Couples Camp)
  • Enterprise + Big Company Leaders
  • Non-profit Leaders
  • Leaders in Transition
  • Emerging Leaders with Big Vision
  • You

When and Where is Leadership Camp?

Leadership Camps take place at Camp HQ -- our creative, bright office space located in the heart of downtown Boulder, Colorado. 

Please refer to our Camp FAQs for more information about the schedule for camp, lodging recommendations, and additional details.

What Is the Most Important Thing for Me to Know About Camp?

Leadership Camp is an emotionally intense, introspective experience. We will be working with attendees to uncover often lifelong patterns that generally facilitate leadership, but occasionally get in the way unconsciously. One thing we notice is that most of these patterns have meaningful and deep emotional connections.

Conscious leaders are present and aware of the emotional underpinnings they bring to their work encounters, decisions, and judgments. Leadership Camp helps attendees explore their emotional substructure in a way that may feel direct and intense. You will have full control over what you choose to share, but others will be sharing intimate and revealing stories and beliefs from which we hope the entire group will learn. Be prepared to witness charged discussions. We believe noticing, naming and welcoming your patterns in an trusted group is key to the transformative conscious leadership experience and to reducing drama at work.

As leaders, we often suppress emotions as not being "allowed at work." Conscious Leadership recognizes that increasing access to and understanding of our emotional motivations and unconscious commitments are keys to unlocking a leader's full potential. Camp will dive in through this lens, and that makes camp exciting and challenging at times.

Again, we do this not to challenge for its own sake but to uncover contextual issues present in leader's performance and in the successful performance of teams.

If you've been waiting for a chance to deepen your self-awareness as a leader, Camp is for you.

Who is Behind Leadership Camp?

The team behind Leadership Camp is the same team that runs the MergeLane venture fund. You can read more about Sue Heilbronner, Elizabeth Kraus, Leah Pearlman, and Danielle Dannenberg here. Leadership Camp is facilitated by Sue.

What do Leadership Camp Alumni Say about Leadership Camp?

“The safest, wildest, roller coaster you will ever ride.” 

"Opened a door to self-awareness that I didn’t even know existed."

“A catalyst experience for emerging leaders, and a challenging experience for seasoned ones.”

“A deep dive into truth.”

“An intense learning experience and self-reflection that can help you discover patterns you have that affect your life personally and professionally.”

And so much more.

Is Leadership Camp Only for Women?

Nope, Camp is open to leaders of every gender identification. Learn about Leadership Camp's history as a program for women leaders and why we decided to open Camp up to all leaders. 

Is there a scholarship?

All diversity, not just gender, is important to us. We have two scholarship seats each camp for participants that enhance racial diversity. Apply here.

Have More Questions?

We love questions. Please email megan@mergelane.com with any questions about Leadership Camp.

Upcoming Leadership Camp Events

January 24, 2020
Leadership Camp with Sue Heilbronner: January 24 - 25, 2020
Friday, January 24 - Saturday, January 25, 9am - 5pm
1425 Pearl Street Boulder, CO
April 24, 2020
Leadership Camp with Sue Heilbronner: April 24 - 25, 2020
Friday, April 24 - Saturday, April 25, 9am - 5pm
1425 Pearl Street Boulder, CO

Have More Questions?

We love questions. Please email megan@mergelane.com with any questions about Leadership Camp.

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