All you need to know about the MergeLane Venture Fund

MergeLane invests in high-potential startups and venture capital funds with at least one female leader. Since its 2015 founding, MergeLane has invested in 48 companies and recruited a network of 300 mentors and 600 investors. MergeLane leverages this network and its focus on Conscious Leadership to prove that diverse leadership teams drive superior investor returns. MergeLane is an on-ramp for the extraordinary.

The MergeLane Venture Fund Investment Criteria

MergeLane makes select investments in startups and venture funds with at least one woman in leadership. If you would like to be considered for funding from MergeLane, please use our contact form.


MergeLane invests in companies with at  least one female cofounder or executive with an equity interest and an operating role.

Company Stage

We invest from
Pre-seed to Series A.


MergeLane does not consider businesses that are in the idea or concept stage. We strongly prefer companies that have achieved some degree of traction – revenue, contracts, viral user growth, strategic partnerships, etc.


Companies must have a scalable business model and the room for growth needed to achieve venture-level returns.


Companies within any industry are considered. We are most interested in technology-enabled products, services and software.


We seek out inspiring, extraordinary people leading companies tied to their deep and personal passions.

MergeLane & Conscious Leadership Camps

MergeLane runs on Conscious Leadership as a philosophy and operating system. We deliver Conscious Leadership training to leaders and teams through our well-known Conscious Leadership Camps. Leadership Camp is a concentrated, intensive, transformative leadership development program designed to accelerate participants’ growth as aware and empowered leaders and teams.

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