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Broadening the On-ramp for Women-run Companies

MergeLane Announces New Innovation Camp – Apply Now

Most transformative ideas over the past 15 years have come from startups. The freedom to experiment creatively and to fail quickly produces true disruption.

Leveraging combined decades of experience by the MergeLane founders in working with leaders on innovation, MergeLane is launching a new program this year to immersively share these strategies. The inaugural Innovation Camp is bringing together leaders across startups, large corporations, government entities, education, and nonprofits from November 7th-11th, 2016 in Boulder, Colorado. Over the course of the five-day program, we will bring leaders to the next level through shifting mindset and providing tools for rapid transformation for innovation, creativity, and change in work.

Innovation Camp is perfect for: 

  • A founder or group of co-founders working on a project, idea, or company
  • Leaders interested in transitioning to an entrepreneurial career
  • Large company, government or nonprofit leaders intrigued by the idea of being more innovative and entrepreneurial in their role.
  • Women and men

Click here for full details. We are offering a $200 discount if you apply before August 15th and a 10% discount for teams of three or more.

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