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MergeLane Startup Accelerator Wins Second $50,000 SBA Growth Award

MergeLane is a winner of the $50,000 Small Business Association’s Growth Accelerator Fund Competition for 2016 for the second year in a row. The SBA today announced a total of $3.4 million in federal awards for startup accelerators who are making an impact to an underserved market or population. There were 400 applicants in 2016, and 68 programs received the award.

MergeLane — the accelerator focused on startups with at least one female in leadership — also won this award in 2015, and in the last year it has been providing the SBA with quarterly reporting on jobs created, funds raised, startups launched and corporate sponsors. MergeLane’s 2017 accelerator starts in February 2017, and the application is open.

To date MergeLane’s 2015 and 2016 accelerator cohort companies:

  • Have  raised $20.2 million in funding
  • Have created 231 jobs
  • Employ 38 women in senior leadership positions

“This federal award program from the SBA makes so much sense,” said MergeLane co-founder and CEO Sue Heilbronner. “As a two-time recipient, we are able to see clearly the multiplier effect  of  this award, which has made and will continue to make a tremendous difference during these two first years of our accelerator.”

The 2016 competition required applicants to submit a video about the impact of their accelerators. Here’s ours:

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