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Tuesday Takeaways 8.11.20 - Four Questions I Ask Myself Every Day

After my business partner had a serious health scare 18 months ago, I started asking myself three questions every day:

1) What would I do differently if I could shed the fear of being judged?

2) What would I start or stop doing if I only had three years (I think three years is a better framework than six months) to live?

3) What would the shifts I’d want to make look like if they were easy?

I shared the backstory to this in my interview with pro triathlete turned entrepreneur Nicole DeBoom last year in Run this World Episode 139 - Elizabeth Kraus Asks Herself Three Questions Every Day.

I started falling out of this habit a few months ago and have decided that it’s time to get back on the horse. I’m also going to add a fourth question:

After this is all over, what do I want to be able to say about how I spent my time during this pandemic?

In many ways, I want to just be done with 2020, but as my partner Sue reminded me, we may never have a chance to hit a reset button that’s as big as the button many of us are seeing now. I am incredibly grateful to be employed and healthy. I’ve been given a fortunate opportunity that I don’t want to waste. 

Listen of the Week: PERSUASION: How to Change People’s Minds. Wharton marketing professor Jonah Berger lays out his formula for removing barriers to change. 

Portfolio Quick Hit: Sugarwish (Denver, CO) Customized candy and popcorn gift boxes designed by the gift recipient. Sugarwish’s Q2 sales beat 2019 by a factor of five! If you’re looking for a way to send some cheer to a friend, team member, or customer, check out Sugarwish.

I post my most interesting weekly thoughts, coupled with the best of my listening and reading list, and occasional MergeLane Portfolio news every Tuesday. To follow Tuesday Takeaways and our occasional blog posts, you can subscribe to our blog or follow me on twitter.


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