What Leaders say about MergeLane and its Team

About the Program

Allie Janoch
CEO, Mapistry

MergeLane came at the perfect time for Mapistry. We arrived with an open mind and within the first week we had been challenged to address a number of BIG issues we hadn't been prioritizing or even thinking about. Sue, Elizabeth and the Mergelane mentors helped us worked through all these challenges with both big picture discussions and hands-on help. We dramatically increased our revenue and made more progress in three months than we had made in the previous year. MergeLane gave Mapistry the kick in the ass that we needed to address the tough problems, and trained us to continue to do so after the program ended. The Mergelane team and mentors continue to invest time and money in us, even after the has program ended.

Anja Bump
CEO, Twofold

We had a truly transformative week at the MergeLane Funderator: full of learning, advice, and great internal shifts that have already made us better founders. We are excited to take our new tools into our entire company, and into our personal relationships. I'm using my new tools every single day. Literally life-changing.

Elizabeth Sopher
CEO, Quickzip Sheet Company

Mergelane gave our business the tools, network and, ultimately, the confidence to dive into our business fully - taking risks and raising the capital necessary to be successful. Mergelane surrounded us with smart, generous, successful mentors and coaches; experts on critical business areas; a great cohort of companies to share with and learn from, and the opportunity to keep asking questions. Through the process we saw and could articulate a bigger vision for the company, identified paths and tactics to accomplish our goals, and became comfortable moving to a larger stage.  

Emily Huang
CEO, idaciti

Participating in the inaugural MergeLane program and it was an invaluable experience for idaciti. The program has helped us focus on making the important decisions about target markets and if we should raise capital from institutional investors. I was lucky enough to meet several inspiring mentors in the program, a few of them would likely continue to be my advisors for the journey ahead.

Fran Dunaway
CEO, TomboyX

Two words for our MergeLane experience: Game changer. The Mergelane opportunity came along at the perfect juncture for our company. We had revenue, we had traction, we needed true believers with a network. They got us and they got our vision. The three months were intense when we didn’t need intensity, took up hours of time that we didn’t have, cost us money we couldn’t afford. And in the end, totally worth it. We made lifelong friendships with our cohort and are still in awe at the genius behind this particular grouping. We picked up invaluable mentors, advisors and investors who are still with us. TomboyX is alive and thriving today because of our leap of faith into the welcoming arms of the women of MergeLane.

About the MergeLane Team

Aide Fitch
CEO, Cloudforest Software

I have to say that of all the mentors that I've spoken with throughout this adventure, Sue has had the most immediate impact. She asked sharp questions, seemed to deeply grasp what we're doing, and has been connecting me with excellent people.

Alex Raymond
CEO, Kapta

Sue had an uncanny ability to zero in on the key issues that faced our team and helped us work through them. She did so in a very caring, compassionate and unbiased way that left all of us feeling great and energized.

Alexandra Weiner
CEO, Free & For Sale

Each time I've presented a challenge my company is facing to the MergeLane team, I've left feeling leaps and bounds ahead of where I started. Their team's combination of skills allows them to give quality advice and help connect entrepreneurs with the right people.

Erika Trautman
CEO, Rapt Media

Elizabeth has been an exceptionally professional investor and has added significant value, introducing us to a key advisor and providing expert insight on a variety of issues our company was facing. 

Kevin Brown
CEO, FrictionLabs

Sue has the gift to immediately see the big picture and how it connects with an audience. More than an idea person, Sue has the ability to create a vision and bring it to life.

Marilyn Walker

Elizabeth Kraus has a profound dedication to angel investing and approaches it with a community-centric big heart, brilliance, and dedication that brings all the parties together.

Mark Weakley
Deputy Leader of the International Technology, Entrepreneurial and Commercial Law Practice, Bryan Cave

Elizabeth brings creativity, energy and enthusiasm to our startup community like a force of nature. She is insightful, curious and extremely genuine in her commitment to supporting entrepreneurs. She has demonstrated the ability to analyze and tackle areas that are easy to identify but difficult to solve - organizing early-stage capital providers and users to connect, close and then execute. For these and many other reasons, I fully recommend Elizabeth.

Scott Meyer
CEO, Ghostery

Sue is great to work with. She holds the mirror up to our team so we can evaluate an outside perspective. At the same time, Sue brings the experience of an operator so we can put that outside perspective into action.

Willow King
CEO, Ozuke

Elizabeth has been an incredibly valuable resource to my partner and I as we work on growing our business. Elizabeth has a great deal of investing experience, a robust network and the genuine desire to help startups thrive. She has assisted with advice on building a strong foundation, addressing investor concerns and presenting clear information to make due diligence smoother for interested parties. She has recommended us for great community events, introduced us to other leaders in our industry and always been very responsive to any questions I've had. I cannot recommend her enough.

About Sponsoring MergeLane

Matt Gorr
President, First Western Trust-Boulder

When MergeLane asked me what they could do to improve our experience as a sponsor, I honestly couldn't think of anything. They took the time to understand why we wanted to be part of MergeLane and go out of their way to promote their sponsors at the most opportune times. They publicly thank their sponsors in a heartfelt and personal way. We have been impressed by the uniqueness and quality of their events.  Our CEO attended a 250-person event organized by Elizabeth and he talked about it for months after. People stopped me on the street to tell me how much they enjoyed that event and how different it was from other events they had attended. Their events are memorable and have definitely provided the benefits we were seeking when we began our partnership.

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