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Leah Pearlman

Leah Pearlman

Leah began her career in technology, first working for Microsoft for two years as a product manager and community manager, then moving on to become one of the first Product Managers at Facebook in 2006.

Over 5 years of rapid growth, Leah worked in a fast-past environment managing many teams at once whose products interrelated.

She developed the skills required to keep teams empowered, informed, and aligned with each other and the company as a whole, while also supporting individuals to focus on their individual output. When the company grew from 100 to 2000+ employees, she became the head of Internal Communications at Facebook. Her role was to help keep the company as a whole informed, aligned, and inspired.

Leah left Facebook in 2011 to follow a thread of living inner and outer alignment. She has become deeply interested in living a values-based life. To this end, in addition to her work at MergeLane, she spends her time learning, coaching, public speaking, and creating inspirational art which you can see at DharmaComics.

She earned her B.S. in Computer Science at Brown University.

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Leah Pearlman

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